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  • Amy Numbers

2021 Social Media image size guide

Creating great visual content for your brand is an essential aspect to any social media campaign. The right image or video will grab the attention of users and stick out on their busy feeds. Each platform has different dimensions and aspect ratios when it comes to visual content, so is it important to be aware of specific dimensions and adhere to them. Getting the image size right for your visuals is crucial to social media campaigns because it avoids unnecessary cropping, pixilation and awkward image stretching. Utilizing proper sizing reduces these unwanted effects and keeps your visuals looking clean and professional. Social media may be someone's first impression of your company and low-quality visuals can hurt your brand.

User engagement will be increased when your visuals are optimized for each social channel’s feed. It is important to consider what posting method you are going to use on each platform. Today, social media platforms are offering several mediums to post your content. These can range from profile pictures, feed content, cover images, stories, business ads and more. Each of these methods require different dimensions as well, so it is crucial to stay on top of image size. You may be posting the same content on different platforms, but that does not mean you can post the exact same image. For example, a page cover photo on Facebook should be 851 x 315 pixels, but on LinkedIn, the cover photo should be 1584 x 396 pixels. The image will have to be resized to fit properly on different platforms.

With social media constantly changing, it is easy to overlook image sizes and how they can affect your social media campaign. For more information about specific sizes and social media posts, contact AOE today!


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