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  • Amy Numbers

Concrete Foundations Association launches National Workforce Development Campaign

The Concrete Foundations Association (CFA), a long-time client of AOE, has announced the completion of a national campaign designed to promote workforce development and career opportunities in the concrete construction industry.

CFA worked with Viewpoint, an educational platform, to develop the campaign. ViewPoint is best known for tackling key societal issues. Hollywood icon Dennis Quaid is the host. Through a distribution model for Public Television, features are seen across the breadth of the U.S. television market.

“The Concrete Foundations Association has been developing a strategic approach to education and awareness of the needs and opportunities found in the trades,” states CFA Executive Director James Baty. “Many of our members have ongoing success building relationships and efforts for local and regional education outreach. This position became a strategic priority in 2020 to nationally recognize the great opportunities for careers in concrete construction.”

As a longtime supporter of the concrete industry, and strong believer in the need to recruit more to our great industry, AOE is excited to see the campaign unfold. Interested persons can learn more about the CFA’s efforts can visit


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