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  • Amy Numbers

Focusing on social responsibility at Votorantim Cimentos North America

A long-term responsibility to the surrounding communities has always been important to Votorantim Cimentos North America (VCNA) They have long held that social responsibility is not only essential, but has two parts: managing environmental impacts and being involved with important causes.

To bring awareness to the volunteering and community work their employees were doing, as well as how VCNA encourages environmental health, the company asked AOE for assistance in producing a brochure on their social responsibility.

AOE worked with the management at VCNA on writing and designing the social responsibility brochure that resides on VCNA’s website and can be used for multiple purposes; even as a printed handout for recruitment or town hall meetings.

Kari Moosmann, AOE’s Director of Sustainability Communications, found that VCNA is ahead of the game with their deep involvement with the communities around their facilities. VCNA was proactive in looking for methods to convey this information to the community, potential employees and other stakeholders. If you need help promoting your social responsibility, contact AOE today.


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