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  • Amy Numbers

How Twitter is reinventing itself

For the last 15 years, Twitter has worked hard to enable people to be connected to the people and content they enjoy. The social media giant recently expanded its capabilities in order to enhance their users’ experience and compete with other platforms.

Kayvon Beykpour, head of consumer product at Twitter, said in a podcast with Nilay Patel that Twitter HQ prioritizes accelerating Twitter’s product cadence in order to continue competing with platforms who offer new features and tools. Some of these new products include, Topics, Spaces, Super-Follows and more. Twitter is introducing these concepts to keep their users engaged and give them the opportunity to have a single application with many capabilities.

COVID-19 has led to more face-to-face digital communication products entering the market. In response, Twitter has launched a function called “Spaces.” This product allows users to talk about what is going on in an audio-based conversation rather than messaging with 140 characters or less, similar to a competing product, Clubhouse. “Connection” is one of Twitter’s top priorities for their users. “Topics” is another product that allows users to follow a specific topic they are interested in. When users follow a topic, Twitter works to recommend content and tweets about that topic in your feed. More than 100 million users have followed the 6,000 topics available on Twitter, which has allowed users to feel connected to their interests. People who are big fans of content creators can subscribe to creators and get exclusive content through “Super-Follows.”

Innovation and developing new features is critical to be on the leading edge of technology and drive user engagement. Beykpour says that introducing these products to keep up with the current market can be both a great and challenging thing. Twitter has received a lot of love and hate regarding the introduction of new features. For a service with more than 200 million users every day, there is a lot to improve on, which includes taking big swings and risks.


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